why organic farming

organic choice

The choice of organic originates from Salvatore's will, driven by the desire to implement "healthy" agriculture, he completely arranges his company in conversion in 2010. Thus, all pesticides and fertilizers of chemical extraction disappear from the company management, trying in this way to make the most of and enhance the rich properties of the soil, as a matter of fact our fields were appreciated since ancient Roman civilization, under the name of Terra Felix.

organic cycle

Our practices

oganic substance

The first point we have always worked on is to support a good amount of organic substance in the soil, the so-called 'vital part', implementing fertilization every year with mature manure from the fermentation of the heap obtained in the company. In this way, with a high S.O. percentage, it also allows us to limit any treatments with compounds from natural extractions.

the crop rotation

The crop rotation is a practice that involves the variation of the species cultivated in the same plot, in order to improve and maintain soil fertility. In fact, our company organization provides for the variation of 4 crops on the same portion of soil (example: strawberries, kohlrabi and pumpkin), inserting the '' Green Manure '' during the fourth year.

green manure

The green manure essential because it allows the soil to regain all the properties lost in previous crops. Our green manure is carried out with a mix of three important families: a Leguminosae, capable of releasing a large amount of nitrogen into the soil, a grass that takes care of releasing a fair amount of Carbon and a cruciferous plant capable of controlling nematode infestations and soil pathogenic fungi.

useful insects throw

We put into practice the so-called inoculative method which consists in the periodic release of various entomophagous (predatory) species, autochthonous or introduced, in order to fight the harmful species to our crops (phytophagous). An attempt is thus made to bring the ecosystem back to a balanced condition, limiting any damage from harmful insects to a minimum.