The company, located in the Agro-Aversano area, covers an area of about 30 hectares. The agro-aversano and in the plain of Campania, in the center of a vast flat area of ancient agricultural vocation. The morphology of the territory, combined with the fertility of the soil and the ancient and recent works of reclamation and rearrangement of the soil, are essential elements for strategic cultivation still today.


The company lands, already cultivated for several generations respecting Nature, in 1997 were technologically revolutionized, thus obtaining an integrated production for the protection of the consumer. In 2010 there was the passage to a completely natural production, that is an organic production. The sowing is done with the three-year rotation system, using an intermediate green manure, while the defense, exclusively from useful insects. This process is strictly controlled and certified by a special control body authorized by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry.


The company is a member of the Organization of the Producers Alma Seges soc. coop., but all the products sold are processed and selected in the company plant located in the asi area of Carinaro. It is a production area that includes a factory where processing lines, storage cells, offices and staff services are located. Fresh products are present throughout Europe, while preserved products are present both in Europe and the USA with the USDA brand.